Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tarascus Completed

Well its taken me a fair task longer than any of my previous miniatures to complete, and rightly so, but the Tarascus is now done. I'm not sure I will care to work on a model of this scope for some time again. The shear amount of time spent doing the same thing over and over again was driving me nuts and away from my table. This is also why I tend to only paint heroes and not units. I get a lot of enjoyment painting a miniature; I don't enjoy painting a miniature multiple times. Yet I am done now and that is nice. Base coating this monster took me a fair amount of time, and the weathering steps were also time consuming, washes took a long time to dry, and keeping my hands clean while holding the "mini" was very difficult during the wash/weathering steps. My normal system is to use very watered down black then rust then brown pigments after each ones dries and to liberally coat the area of effect. The problem on such a hefty miniature is that I had few safe places to be able to hold the miniature while not getting my fingers pigmented and thus transferring them about the miniature unintentionally. I had to clean up such mistakes a number of times. Also After base coating I assembled the miniature to have the finishes applied more uniformly across the miniature. I didn't want for example where the leg connected to look different from the hip because they were painted separately.

Actually while painting the skin I found uniformity to be my most difficult goal. I wanted the skin tone to blend from darker near the top to lighter on the belly/bottom. Yet to get a smooth transition while dry brushing over such a large area was extremely irksome. Still I am happy with the results. The miniature came out looking great and I even got a game in the following day after I finished sealing it. At 1775 AP it is a bear to deploy, but with a 4k game I was able to get it in. I ended up losing the game, I was honestly more interested in how my Tarascus was performing than in taking objectives so I ended up losing by 1 elixir in the end. Still the beast was a beast on the board. I lost all of 1 incarnate, and 6 clones of dirz. My opponent had a full Knights unit with the Red Lioness Mounted eaten by the Tarascus with about 6 paladins as a chaser and his second incarnate. My tigers where able to un-hurriedly consume an entire unit of archers. Leaving my opponent with nearly 2/3 of his army eliminated by game end. It wasn’t overpowering. I would have lost the Tarascus by turn two had I now won initiative and been able to heal it with Genetic reconfiguration/Reconstitution as my opening maneuver. The clarification that challenges are rounded UP to the nearest integer, rather than down as they had been in the past makes the titanic Tarascus a more balanced unit rather than a terrible beast. Still with disengagment and implacable the Tarascus is a terrable foe to engage.

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