Thursday, March 25, 2010

Malifaux - Pandora's Box, Baby Kade

Finished up Baby Kade and on my way into Candy to finish off my crew. Hoping to finish her off today as well so I might get my crew into a game tomorrow. Time will tell. I painted up his teddy bear to match the previously painted Teddy in the crew. Same coloring for the fur and the pads, and I even made the button eye a red one to match Teddy’s evil red eyes. Wanting Kade to look a bit malicious but still to hold a little cute charm I opted to make his eyes the portals to the evil within. I gave him bags under his eyes these seem to really give the impression of an adults eyes to the miniature. The darkening passes off an image of very mature very adult sadism to the baby body that is Kade. I think it works perfectly for this model. My opponents shall rue the day this little guy takes the field.

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