Saturday, March 13, 2010

Malifaux - Pandora's Box, the Begining

So Monday my unit arrived and I set to work on it. I got the mini's all cleaned up, the tabs trimmed out and the miniatures themselves assembled into workable clusters as I call them.
Sections of the model that would not be interfering with each other for me to paint are assembled; those areas that would get in the way are left unattached but made very ready for easy assembly later. I then set pins into the model drilling them and attaching a very long pin that I can also use as a way to hold the miniature in my pin vise, while painting. The first image is a shot from this morning. I had started in on the ghostly green effects of the sorrows and Pandora’s avatar form.

Then I got all into painting one of the Sorrows. In about 2 hours I got him finished up and the base painted and him pinned in and attached. I've also cut out and attached a piece of felt along the bottom of the base. I think this adds a level of "class" to my miniature and will hopefully help keep it more stable on the gaming table while playing. I thought this particular base insert was perfect for the ethereal Sorrow, as he is forming up out of the drain pipe.

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