Friday, March 19, 2010

Malifaux - Pandora's Box, Pandora Avatar of Woe

I finished up Pandora in Avatar form today. I’m basing this model on a 30mm to use as an alternate sculpt of Pandora rather than the 40mm avatar form that will be released in a future rules release. I greatly enjoyed painting this miniature. I think the dry brushing used across the clothing gave it a very woven texture that I appreciated. The ghostly tendrils leaving the box on the ground also came out very well to me. I opted to make the faces glow an inner white rather than leaving the washed black I had started them as. I though this gave them a look of power rather than the solid realness the black wash filling the screaming faces had given it initially.

I base painted the two forms of Pandora initially to keep them both similar in coloring. As I got near the end, I opted instead to finish up the avatar form as I wished to complete this one for use in game. The base was somewhat interesting to paint. I didn’t realize until I was about to put brush to the base that it was not a dirt/gravel pile in front of the grating but rather a kind of sludge/slim mixture. I enjoyed giving this a sort of brown sub coloring, grey wash/streaking followed by some various laying of darker to lighter grey/green coloring. I think the effect came out well. The bubbles are a nice putrid light green. I made sure to paint up two of the same base inserts the same way so that both forms of Pandora would sit on the same base. You’ll be able to compare them once I get the other Pandora done.

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