Monday, March 22, 2010

Malifaux - Pandora's Box, Teddy

Anyone want a hug? I finished up Teddy today. I simplified the painting colors of this miniature. I wanted to make him look more akin to a traditional teddy bear rather than the version Wyrd miniatures showcases. I wanted him to match my Kade's teddy bear in coloring so that the two miniatures where thematically colored in sync as well as having the abilities that make them work better together. As such I opted to really go at the base to help frame up what I think is a relativly flat looking miniature. He's a one mold model his arms are resting at his side and he is pretty thin along the side. Since he is supposed to be a thing of nightmare, much like all the Neverborn I wanted to frame him on the base witht he lightpost and trashcan to make it almost seem as if one was viewing the model hiding down an alley from you. I think the effect came off rather well. Visually Teddy seems to be crammed in behind the post and can, I rather like the overall effect. This is perhaps the first case where I did about as much painting work ona base as I did on the model itself. Perhaps even more. Still I think teddy will make a great addition to the crew as something of a beat stick.

as always you can click the image for a much larger version of the picture.

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