Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Malifaux - Pandora's Box, Pandora

Finished off the last of my Neverborn from Pandora's Box, Pandora herself. This time not the avatar form already put up but the regular sculpt. I plan to use this miniature mostly as a proxy, for several games. I plan to use it in confrontation as a Rhea of Brisis for my Ram forces as well as a proxy for the Doppelganger that comes out in April for Malifaux. The only real complaint I have with most of the Malifaux miniatures is they are so thin. I have a hard time finding a place for pins needed for use with the base inserts. Pandora was certainly not an exception. I was able to squeeze one into her left leg. Still their so small it was difficult. Different certainly than how I have been doing all my confrontation miniatures. Those I leave on their tab and simply base over the tab. I do have to say though having the pins does make painting them a whole lot easier. I can use my pin vice as a handle to hold the miniature with. So no more grubby paws rubbing paint off while working on the miniature itself.

I kept the coloring as similar to the Avatar form of Pandora as I could. Sculpting differences prompted me to come up with a few new coloring schemes for areas like the back of her coat and eyes. Overall though I think they fit well together.

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