Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Malifaux - Pandora's Box, Sorrows Part 2

Late this evening I’ve finished off the three Sorrows for Pandora's Crew. Along with the miniatures themselves I've painted up their bases and base accessories. I’ve added some nice static grass to the plant pot. I also chose to have the spilt bread bag be on the other Sorrow. A sign of activity about the miniature, as if a civilian was walking by with bread when the ghostly Sorrow came up out of the drain.

After painting the Tarascus for so long these felt good to get done. Painting the mini’s and their bases took me all of a day to complete. After the weeks of work on the Tarascus the feeling of accomplishment from these guys is just what I needed to get my painting groove back. I’m all gun-ho to get at the rest of the crew and finish the whole lot up this weekend. Maybe then I can even get my first game in.

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